Friday, December 05, 2008

Scruffy Dogs Needing Homes for the Holidays

Give yourself the gift of a scruffy companion this holiday season! These adorable dogs (and many more on Petfinder and the other sites listed here) are ready to go home with you.

Happy Holidays!

Beu is quite handsome, don't you think?

Lucas has had a hard life, but what a little sweetie.

Cupcake definitely has personality.

Siren is just a 3 month old puppy...what a great combination! (BTW, he's from the shelter where we adopted Kirby...)


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Where was Beau from? I have a nearly 3-yr old scruffy female with the exact same face, and same grey chest, adopted as a 10-week-old in Chicago in October '07. Just curious really, it's rare to see a dog that looks like mine. Will check back in case you have an answer. Thanks for great blog!

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