Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 2007 Scruffy Dogs

I am remiss in posting scruffy dogs to this blog. Sorry about that. We've been moving and that, plus business travel, has had me swamped for months. But we're settling in to our new home, the dogs are adjusting and I'm back at the helm once again.

I hope we can continue providing updates, at least monthly. And for more of the "daily life" stories of living with scruffy dogs, I'll be updating my Scruffy Dogs blog at least several times a week.

Here are this month's group of scruffy dogs available for adoption:

Willow -- This scruffy little terrier pup has a whole litter of brothers and sisters who are also in need of good homes. It's rare to find such an adorable bunch of little scruffy dogs available for adoption, so they'll probably go fast. I just couldn't resist posting this little one here...

Roy -- Look at that face. Young, sweet stray and deserving of a nice home. He's at animal control, so he needs to find a home quickly!

Lindberg -- With all the hoopla about low-shed labradoodles, I should think this scruffy dog would be dreamy.

Mickey -- Ok, she's not exactly scruffy, but I have this soft spot for older dogs who need homes, and I think the folks at Best Friends are doing wonderful work.

Rocket - What a cutie - he's still a youngster and he's at a shelter so his days are limited. He looks to me like a PBGV crossed with something leggier.

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