Saturday, November 04, 2006

We Adopted a Scruffy Dog...

If you want to read a scruffy dog adoption story, check my Scruffy Dogs blog for how we adopted Kirby...

And if you are interested in getting an extremely sweet, scruffy puppy, Kirby has four other litter-mates who are every bit as sweet and adorable as he is, and he has a mom and grandma who are also up for adoption.

Kirby's Family (he was formerly known as Milo):

Mabel and Marie: We almost adopted Mabel. For us, it was between her and Kirby...and Kirby came out ahead because he took a shine to us right away. If we had more room, I'd go adopt Mabel tomorrow.

Marie was very sweet also, a little shorter and soooo cute!

UPDATE: Both Mabel (left) and Marie (right) have been adopted!

Morgan and Morris: These are the other two males in Kirby's family. Morgan is scruffy, with adorable reddish, wiry hair. Morris is smooth-coated and looks very much like a dachsund, but he gets a spot on Adopt a Scruffy Dog by association. Morgan is very friendly. Morris is very shy, but sweet.

UPDATE: Both Morgan (left) and Morris (right) have been adopted!

And last, but not least, is Meg, the mother of these sweet puppies! We met the grandmother, but not the mother. She looks similar and is a wonderful dog. We wanted to bring her home too, of course...

UPDATE: Meg has been rescued by Smiley Dog Rescue. A bunch of happy endings for this little family!


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